Vigil held for rapper killed at southwest Atlanta studio

ATLANTA — Candles mark the building in southwest Atlanta where a local rapper was shot and killed Wednesday evening. His grieving family wants this to be the last time someone is killed at a recording studio.

While Jerome Blake's family members try to cope with this slaying, they released balloons at the place where he died.

The 28-year-old was one of two people shot and killed at a recording studio inside the Metropolitan Arts District Wednesday night.




Blake's family says he was a rapper and Wednesday was his first time at the studio where he was killed.

"I don't know if it's a setup or he just got caught in the crossfire," Blake's aunt, Demetrias Chappell, said.

Blake's father, Patrick Blake, told Channel 2's Matt Johnson he leans on his faith while police work to make an arrest.

"So the guys who did it are still out there? Yup. Put it in God's hands," Patrick Blake said.

The Blake family says Jerome Blake knew Bankroll Fresh, another Atlanta rapper killed at a recording studio last month.

"Bankroll Fresh was his best friend, from kids, and here it is, he lost his life the same way," Chappell said.

The Blake family questions why the music studio would allow firearms.

Also killed in the Wednesday shooting was 27-year-old Nathan Hannon.

Investigators have some persons of interest, but have not made any arrests.

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