Tyrese Gibson’s SUV stolen from driveway of Buckhead mansion

ATLANTA — A well-known singer, song writer and actor had his Range Rover stolen right out of the driveway of his Buckhead home.

Police were called out to the home of Tyrese Gibson early Tuesday morning after he discovered the SUV was missing.

Gibson said he parked the Range Rover in his driveway around 1:15 a.m. and came back outside around 8 a.m. to discover it was missing.


The home surveillance system did capture pictures of a dark, four door sedan, possibly a Lexus, circling the cul de sac along Gibson’s street.

“The sedan then stopped in front (of) the … address. A male wearing a hoodie exited the passenger side, walks up to the victim(‘s) vehicle around 2:06 a.m., pulled on the driver side door handle and the door opened. Moments later the victim(’s) vehicle drives out of the driveway trailing the sedan,” the incident report from the Atlanta Police Department said.

Gibson did tell police that he left the key fob to the Ranger Rover in the cup holder of the SUV.

The thieves were last seen in the area of Johnson and Hollywood roads.

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