Truck drivers blamed for crushed sidewalks, broken signs in neighborhood

ATLANTA — Neighbors in northwest Atlanta say truck drivers are to blame for broken curbs, sidewalks and traffic signs in their community.

They want the trucks out of the neighborhood because they say it's posing a threat to safety.

The latest incident happened on Edwards Drive at Spink Street on Tuesday.

"He almost hit the telephone pole, the gas line and knocked into the stop sign and just flew and kept going," neighbor Jennifer Baggett said.

A second neighbor said she saw the accident from her home as well. They said it's more than a cosmetic issue.


"It's also a concern with kids getting off the bus and trucks don't have good visibility back here," Baggett said.

Channel 2's Carl Willis contacted Atlanta City Council member Felicia Moore, who said she believes that trucks coming from a nearby cement plant may be getting lost due to GPS directions or drivers thinking it is a through street.

"And they don't necessarily know they're not allowed back here and once you're down here, there's no way to go except for right here," Baggett said.

There are signs posted at Edwards Drive, but Moore said she'll speak with neighborhood presidents to come up with a fix. Moore said the answer may be bigger signs so drivers can't ignore them.

"Please just add signage and help us keep those large trucks out of here," Baggett said. "You're not going to be able to get out safely."