These are the safest communities in metro Atlanta

ATLANTA — Safewise is out with its list of the safest cities across Georgia for 2023 and several communities across metro Atlanta have made the Top 10.

Among the Top 10 safest cities, at least 6 are cities in metro Atlanta:

  1. Holly Springs
  2. Kingsland
  3. Hampton
  4. Johns Creek
  5. Barnesville
  6. Milton
  7. Douglas
  8. Tyrone
  9. McRae-Helena
  10. Palmetto

Safewise, which keeps track of home security and safety trends, said Georgia’s crime rate decreased year over year.

“With that said, Georgians reported some of the highest levels of concern and first-hand experiences with crime across the board,” Safewise said on its website.

According to the company, the state had a crime rate of 3.9% and a property crime rate of 17.5%. The national averages were 4.0% and 19.3% respectively.


According to Safewise, 98 Georgia cities met the criteria to be considered for ranking.

“Holly Springs is 1 of 7 new cities in the top 20, displacing Johns Creek from the top spot,” Safewise said. “Of the safest cities in Georgia that were repeats from last year, five experienced declines in both violent crime and property crime: Hampton, Johns Creek, Palmetto, Grovetown, and Dallas.”

To read more about the survey of Georgia’s safest cities, CLICK HERE.


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