Storage facility had 50 units broken into in one night

ATLANTA — An Atlanta self-storage facility with a history of break-ins is dealing with more than 50 units broken into in a single night.

It happened Sunday at the Public Storage in Midtown.

One victim said the thieves must have had hours to pull it off.

"I work too hard to have someone come into a unit and take it from a place not taking the security of my possessions seriously," Dave Richardson told Channel 2's Matt Johnson.


Richardson shared videos of cut locks and pictures of damaged storage units.

"It must have taken hours for this to have happened and had to be more than one person doing it," he said.

It's the same facility Johnson reported on in November as it dealt with six break-ins in six months.

When he asked about prior incidents they said, "Well, we've had some in the past and we're going to improve our security."

Richardson said an employee notified him Monday.

Even though thieves didn't take anything valuable he says he moved his things to a new place in case they came back.

Johnson went inside to speak to someone but an employee referred him to a supervisor. No one has returned his calls or emails.

Channel 2 Acton News didn't see any security guards on the property all night.

An employee told police they think someone rented a unit and came back with accomplices.

"Our investigators are reviewing the surveillance footage to identify any potential suspects," they said.

Richardson said every facility should have overnight security.

"What I did not appreciate was that there's nobody actually watching the video feed live," Richardson said.

Police only have two reports from victims of the big break-in as victims continue to be notified and come and check on their property.

Police are urging anyone with a unit here to come check on it and file a report.

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