Stacey Abrams says she’s ready to take on Kemp in the 2022 governor’s race

ATLANTA — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams says she’s ready to take on Gov. Brian Kemp, who clinched the Republican nomination for governor on Tuesday.

Abrams spoke Tuesday morning about the next phase in her campaign.

“I’m running because I believe in one Georgia, whether it’s bringing together neighborhoods, bringing together counties or bringing together an entire state. Our responsibility is to see the needs of every Georgian,” Abrams said.

She also addressed a statement made by former Sen. David Perdue on Monday.

“Did y’all see what Stacey said this weekend? She said Georgia is the worst place in the country to live. Hey, she ain’t from here. She better go back from where she came from,” Perdue said.

“I’ve listened to Republicans for the last six months attack me, but they’ve they done nothing to attack the challenges facing Georgia, they’ve done nothing to articulate their plans for the future of Georgia,” Abrams said.


In the meantime, Gov. Brian Kemp spoke to Channel 2 Action News one-on-one on Monday about his track record.

“The fact remains I have a good record, and we have a great team we’ve been working with at the state capitol,” Kemp said. “I’ve been preparing for a tough re-election campaign for three and a half years.”

Kemp is running against Perdue in today’s primary election. Purdue told us on Monday that he can unite the republican party.

“You have to bring regular Republicans, the new women in the suburbs and you have to get the MAGA voters, the Trump voters. I just don’t see how don’t see how Kemp after the last year and a half of denying anything happen in the voter situation in Georgia is going to be able to pull the MAGA voters together,” Perdue said.

The polls close for most voting locations across the state at 7 p.m. Tuesday.


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