Special grand jury focuses on fake electors during Wednesday testimony

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News is getting a better idea of what a special grand jury was looking into Wednesday as it continues its investigation into potential criminal interference in Georgia’s 2020 election.

The proceedings are behind closed doors but Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot found out those jurors could be interested in Republican false electors.

Elliot has been covering this case since the beginning and recognized one of the people subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury Wednesday.

George Chidi is a well-known journalist and commentator in Atlanta. He showed Elliot his subpoena to testify Wednesday before the Fulton County special purpose grand jury.

Chidi said they wanted to know more about the December 2020 meeting of Republican false electors at the state capitol, who gathered one floor down from where the Democratic legal electors were casting their votes for president.

“I was asked today to authenticate the reporting that I had done that day,” Chidi said.


Chidi was inside the room with Elliot that day, taking video of what investigators now believe was part of a plan to overturn the presidential election.

At the time, state GOP chair David Shafer told Elliot it was to help keep former President Donald Trump’s now-failed Fulton County lawsuit alive.

“Because the president’s lawsuit contesting the Georgia election has not been decided or even heard, we held this meeting to preserve his rights. Had we not held this meeting, then his lawsuit would effectively been mooted,” Schafer said at the time.

But the grand jury is apparently looking deeper into the meeting to see if it is somehow related to potential criminal interference in Georgia’s elections.

Chidi wouldn’t talk directly about his behind-closed-doors testimony.

“I captured a moment in the room when the Republicans were voting, per se, on film, on camera,” Chidi said.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing for the first time from South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham just days after a Fulton judge ordered him to testify next month.

Graham said he’s still fighting that subpoena.

“We will be going to court to contest the subpoena. Stay tuned. Our lawyers are involved, and we’ll keep you updated,” Graham said.

The grand jury is supposed to be meeting again Thursday. We may see some higher profile people testifying.


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