President Trump’s attorneys ask Georgia legislature to overturn election, select own electors

ATLANTA — President Donald Trump’s attorneys are asking the Georgia legislature to overturn the state’s election results and select their own electors. Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is in Atlanta Thursday talking to lawmakers about the election’s integrity.

President-elect Joe Biden won the state by about 13,000 votes over President Trump.

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Channel 2′s Richard Elliot has been at the state capitol following the proceedings throughout the day. Trump’s attorneys are alleging widespread fraud and have filed a lawsuit in Fulton County superior court to contest the election.

Giuliani and his team presented what they say is new evidence of security camera video from State Farm Arena. They say it shows Fulton County workers illegally counting ballots after GOP observers left the building.

But the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office said it already investigated these claims and found nothing. They said they had their own observers there the whole time who saw nothing.

Still, Giuliani thinks it’s enough to throw out Georgia’s election.

“And the fact that you have the power to do this. State law doesn’t in any way prevent you, the legislature, from immediately taking this over and deciding this,” he said.

“‘According to the law of the state of Georgia, we do not have the power to submit alternate electors. The provision in the old law is quite clear,” said Georgia State Senator Elena Parent.

Sources told Elliot that even if some Republican lawmakers wanted to try and do this, they would face some major pushback even from members of their own party.

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