Reality star's daughter says father, brother blackmailing her with sex tape

ATLANTA — A reality television star’s daughter is speaking for the first time after filing a police report that accuses her family members of threatening to release a sex tape. The threat was allegedly made because they believed she was behind a federal investigation into the family, a claim the woman’s father denies.

Lindsie Chrisley Campbell told Channel 2 investigative reporter Nicole Carr she's had nothing to do with the tax evasion investigation that's led to a federal indictment against her father, Todd Chrisley, and his wife, Julie Chrisley, in Georgia's Northern District.

That investigation is at the center of an alleged extortion attempt Campbell reported to police last month, just weeks before the pair was indicted for tax evasion.

“I’ve told my Dad, ‘I don’t want you to go to jail,’” Campbell told Carr. “I’ve told my legal counsel, ‘I don’t want my parents to go to jail.’ I don’t want to be involved in this. They brought me into this. This was not a choice that I made.”

In a police report dated July 16, Campbell told Cherokee County authorities that there was an “ongoing issue” with her family threatening and harassing her.


Campbell told police her stepbrother and father claimed to have purchased a sex tape she believed could exist. She said the pair wanted her “to lie about an incident and if she refused to do so they were going to release the sex tape involving her.”

The incident refers to what’s been an ongoing probe into the Chrisleys, leading to a 12-count federal indictment last week.

“I honestly had no knowledge of anything that was in the indictment,” said Campbell. “Any person that actually read the indictment, it would be very clear as to who was responsible for all that.”

Campbell and her attorney, Musa Ghanayem, said she was never involved with any investigation into the family.

“All of a sudden, they say she’s the one out there, responsible for the federal indictment and at the point, I have to go out and say, ‘That’s just not true,’” Ghanayem said Monday afternoon.

Campbell said the only contact she’s had with prosecutors is in relation to the alleged threat, because it was not investigated by local authorities.

“It was determined there were multiple jurisdictions involved (in the threat) and at that point is when the U.S. attorney’s office got involved,” Campbell said.

“At that point is where our ability to discuss the matter stops,” Ghanayem added, saying he and Campbell are fully cooperating with the U.S. attorney’s office in the matter.

In a statement released to Channel 2 Action News Monday afternoon, Todd Chrisley denied claims he was behind an extortion attempt weeks prior to his indictment.

"As I said before, I’m at a loss as to why Lindsie is saying these terrible untrue things about her brother and me,” Todd Chrisley’s statement reads. “ But whatever she says, she is still my daughter. I have always loved her, I will always love her, and I am here for her.”

Carr asked Campbell why she believed her family claimed she had something to do with their legal trouble.

“I feel like I’m an easy target because I’m not in the fold,” she answered. “I haven’t been on the show since 2017, so are they going to target somebody that they work with every day?”

Campbell was accompanied by private security personnel on Monday, and her attorney said it was his idea, given her visibility and the fact that he has received strange calls since she filed the police report.

Carr asked Campbell whether she was concerned about her family coming after her.

“I think it’s fair to say that, what’s going on right now, I’m fearful,” Campbell said. “And I don’t know as to what level and to who that would be to. I just know that I need to make sure I protect myself and I protect my child.”