WATCH: ATV racers lead police on chase through Atlanta

ATLANTA — Several all-terrain vehicle street racers are behind bars after police said one of them led officers on a chase through Atlanta.

Atlanta police officers were called out to the area of Northside and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive after 10 ATVs were spotted being driven recklessly near that intersection.

As patrol cruise started getting to the area, the ATVs saw them and started to leave.

APD’s air unit, Phoenix 1, was called to the area and started tracking the ATVs by air. Georgia State Patrol troopers also responded to the area to help.


Troopers tried to stop the line of ATVs and were able to stop and arrest six of the drivers, but the lead ATV was able to get away.

Phoenix 1 continued to follow the lead ATV from the air, all the way into Forest Park.

The ATV was stopped by a trooper and the driver was arrested.

“Because of the coordination between agencies and the effective communication between air and ground units, officers were able to safely apprehend these disruptive drivers,” APD said in a post to Facebook.

Police have not released the names of the ATV drivers who were arrested or what charges they face.