People across metro area shocked over news of CNN Center sale

People across metro area shocked over news of CNN Center sale

ATLANTA — One of downtown Atlanta’s most famous landmarks is now on the market.

The parent company of CNN is selling the CNN Center — the network’s iconic headquarters near Centennial Olympic Park.

People across the metro area told Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen that the building means a lot to people who are from here, and especially to those who work there.

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James Bost said ever since he was a kid, going to the CNN Center was something special.

"My inner child has so many good memories of CNN, and even as I've grown up," Bost said.


The iconic CNN world headquarters has been in downtown Atlanta since 1987. It’s now on the market.

"It's going to be weird without CNN, because this is all I know," Bost said.

“When I saw the headline yesterday, it did make me gasp, ‘Oh no,’” said Daryn Kagan, who was one of the network’s most famous faces.

Kagan worked for the network as a main anchor and correspondent for 12 years.

"I do think it's a huge point of pride that CNN was born in Atlanta. Ted Turner is an icon to everyone who has worked there," Kagan said.

It has always been a favorite of tourists who wanted snapshots in front of the large red letters.

Over the last several weeks, those letters have been fenced off. The building was damaged in late May during protests over the death of George Floyd.

Kagan told Petersen that she was among a group of volunteers who helped pick up the pieces.

Bost said downtown won't be the same without it.

"When you're travelling, and you tell people you're from Atlanta, one of the few things they'll connect Atlanta to is CNN," Bost said.

One day, the building will be home to mostly retail instead of office space.

For now, the plan is for CNN's parent company, AT&T, to sell the center and lease the building from the new owners for up to five years.

In time, most of the employees would move to the company’s facilities near Georgia Tech.

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