Parents find relief in online activities as kids forced to stay home over coronavirus

ATLANTA — Parents across metro Atlanta are bracing for weeks of home-schooling their children, but they're getting some help online.

Chris Rich is finding out that running his business isn't that hard compared to running a home school with his wife for their 4-year-old daughter.

“I love her, but good Lord,” Rich told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson. “I think it hit us on day two, like, wow this is going to linger for a little bit, and we don’t want her to be held back when she does go back to school.”

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Children of all ages in metro Atlanta are now forced to learn at home after school closures due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Parents are now doing their best to do the jobs of teachers.

“I have a newfound respect. They’re not paid enough,” Rich said.

Deanna Anderson is bringing parents together through a Facebook group called Moms Making it Together.

The Dunwoody mother of two is helping mothers share advice and jokes during uncertain times.

“It’s as much about keeping the moms and dads sane as it is keeping the kids active,” Anderson said. “We’re probably in it for 30 days at least.”


Active kids are usually roaming the Center for Puppetry Arts and the Children's Museum of Atlanta.

Both have closed their doors during the outbreak but have opened up free digital shows and activities.

“Really, the first thought was: 'How can we help? How can we make parents' life easier?'” said Karen Kelly, with Childrens Museum of Atlanta.

“It makes it a little less heartbreaking, but we’re looking forward to the day that our kids can come back into our hallways, for sure,” said Beth Schiavo, with the Center for Puppetry Arts.

For Rich, he said this is a learning experience for him as much as it is for his daughter.

“When you get them on a schedule, they kind of stick to it, if you’re consistent with it,” Rich said.

There is no official timeline on when kids will be back in school.

The hope among parents Johnson spoke with is that their children can return to school in mid-April, right after what would normally be a weeklong spring break.