New Ted Turner mural pops up in Midtown

New Ted Turner mural pops up in Midtown

ATLANTA — Ted Turner's name may have been taken off the building on Atlanta's Techwood campus, but his face has emerged.

Earlier this year, WarnerMedia announced restructuring at the Atlanta-based media company, which eliminated the name "Turner Broadcasting."

While some found the symbolic change to be a sad moment, there is now a new tribute to the media mogul.

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On Friday, the Techwood campus was dedicated to Ted Turner, who launched Turner Broadcasting System and CNN nearby.

"We will honor [Turner's] legacy and pay tribute to what he began and built on the Techwood campus," WarnerMedia reps said in a press release prior to Friday's event.

Turner, 81, attended Friday's ceremony in which the space was officially dedicated. CNN's Wolf Blitzer was the emcee.

"Never have I went through something quite exactly like this. And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Those of you who are with CNN now, carry it on," Turner said at the event, according to Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Part of the tribute includes a new mural of Turner by the Greensboro-based artist, known as JEKS.

"My last commission of the year was this extremely fun and logistically terrifying wall at the Turner Broadcasting System campus mansion," the artist wrote in an Instagram post.

The mural features a stoic portrayal of Turner's face, as well as buffalo and mountains — a nod to Turner's ranching business.

JEKS is also responsible for the recent OutKast tribute in Little Five Points.

While Turner's name is not as widespread as it once was in the city there are still other odes to "the mouth of the south" throughout Atlanta — there's Ted's Montana Grill and a portion of Spring Street that was renamed Ted Turner Drive in 2015.