'Pop up' bike lanes added to busy Atlanta streets

ATLANTA — You may have noticed changes this morning on the streets of Midtown Atlanta.

A temporary, "pop up" bike lane is in place on 10th Street between Myrtle and Juniper streets. The new lane connects two existing bike lanes, and will be in place through Saturday.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington was in Midtown on Channel 2 Action News, where the lanes were installed after people put pressure on the mayor following three scooter deaths in the area this year.


The goal of the lane is to make biking and scooter-riding safer in the area. Signs, barriers and neon paint on the road mark the area designated for bike and scooter traffic.

All day Sunday, Washington saw a steady stream of people taking full advantage of the new lane.

For bicyclist Will Frolich, biking isn't a hobby but a lifestyle. He told Washington he couldn't wait to try out the city's first-ever pop-up bike lane.

"I'm excited about it," Frolich said. "I think Atlanta has a bad traffic problem and it's not safe for bikers, so anything that'll help make it safe and better for the environment is good for me."

This year alone, Channel 2 Action News has reported on three scooter deaths, all in the Midtown area. Those spots where the deadly accidents happened are exactly where bikers and scooter-riders want to see permanent bike lanes in place.

"Taking a scooter on a road that's made for cars is inherently dangerous," Frolich said. "Bikes are really popular, especially with the BeltLIne and the way the city is trying to get connected, but clearly the infrastructure is not there right now."

Cyclist Josh White agrees.

"I think it's a good start anywhere they can implement them," White said. "There are a lot of crazy drivers around and I think any precaution will make it safer."

Bike advocates told Washington they're pushing for more pop-up bike lanes in the coming months.