Neighbors demand action after 2 people killed on same stretch of road in 4 days

ATLANTA — Two people were killed on the same metro Atlanta road in four days just trying to cross the street.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones near Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and Church street in northwest Atlanta, where neighbors are calling for the state to install traffic lights or crosswalks as soon as possible.

Nelson Davis was killed Wednesday around 6:30 p.m. Video shows him trying to cross the street with his groceries when he was hit.

Four days before that, another man was hit and killed crossing the street just a few feet away.

14-year-old Jermiane Wallace was hit and killed nearby earlier this year as he tried to cross the street.


Neighbors said something needs to change.

“We got people that want to live,and you shouldn’t have to be in fear just to be able to go across the street to go to the store,” Yasheka Green said.

Terri Smith said you’re risking your life every time you cross the street.

Help may be on the way. Jones reached out to the state and found out that transportation engineers are planning to install pedestrian crossing devices where people can push a button and get traffic to stop while they cross.

Neighbors said it can’t happen soon enough.

“Something needs to be done as of yesterday,” Green said.

The Georgia Department of Transportation said it is working through the process to get the ball rolling on getting the pedestrian crossings installed.

Officials said it could be early next year before that happens.