• Mother, daughter appear in court after bones found

    By: Nicole Emmett


    ATLANTA - A mother and daughter made their first appearance in court Saturday, in connection with a missing elderly woman whose body was found buried in her backyard.

    Theresa Frawley and her daughter, Brandy Hodder, face fraud and identity theft charges. Neither are facing murder or abuse charges.

    Police said they do not know how or even when the victim, 77-year-old Connie Hodgson, died.

    She was last seen alive five years ago. In November, her bones were dug up behind her former home. The house’s new owner made the discovery at the residence on Elsinor Street in East Point.


    After an investigation that lasted more than a month, police arrested Frawley on fraud and identity theft charges. They said she had been Hodgson’s caregiver and was still using the victim's credit and debit cards.

    Hodder was arrested for criminal receipt of goods and being party to crimes of her mother.

    Police said Hodgson had no family and the suspects were the closest friends she had.

    Connie Hodgson
    Connie Hodgson
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    They said they may never know how she died. Police said Frawley and Hodder have not told them anything.

    Police are continuing their investigation, including a search into whether the mother and daughter were still cashing the victim's Social Security checks.

    The judge will set a bond on their current charges now and set a date for a preliminary hearing, when they will have to return to court within the next 10 days.

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