Metro’s first major musical festival since beginning of COVID-19 pandemic kicks off in Atlanta

Metro’s first major musical festival since beginning of COVID-19 pandemic kicks off in Atlanta

ATLANTA — The gates are now open for a three-night hip-hop music festival in Atlanta.

It’s the largest outdoor concert event since the start of the pandemic and features Atlanta’s own Big Boi.

Organizers of the event told Channel 2′s Tom Regan that they are taking all kinds of measures to keep it virus-safe.

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The festival is called Big Night Out and is being held at Centennial Olympic Park.

People walking through the gates get a temperature check and have to wear face mask in common spaces, plus they’ll be watching the show in whole new way – in separate pods throughout the park.

The pods are three-sided boxes made of bicycle racks that allow small groups of people to sit or dance in their pods, which are six feet apart.

“Safety is our number one concern here,” said Georgia World Congress Center Sales Manager Lidija Ahmetovic.


Regan learned that food and drinks, including alcohol, can be ordered and paid for on a phone app. Customers will then be notified when the fare is ready for pickup.

Also, a very limited number of tickets are being sold.

“I think with 2,500 people in the park per night, you’re looking at a safe number of people will be social distancing,” Ahmetovic said.

Regan spoke with people at the park on Friday, asking if they’d be comfortable going to the music festival with the coronavirus still spreading.

“I would be a little bit worried about my safety, but as long as I had my mask, and there is some social distancing in place, I figure I’ll be safe,” said Xavier Henry.

“I feel once the alcohol is introduced, the masks are going to come off and stay off,” Olivia Good said.

Regan asked Ahmetovic what happens to people if they get out of their pods.

“We will not only have ushers monitoring, but you’re also going to have security and the police here as well. You’re going to get a warning to please stay in your pod,” Ahmetovic said.

If people don’t follow the rules and things get out of hand, festival organizers say they will shut the festival down. Everyone’s hoping it doesn’t come to that.

Big Boi is performing Sunday night, the last night of the festival.

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