MARTA unveils new look for rail cars chosen by riders

ATLANTA — During its annual state of MARTA event, the transit agency unveiled the new design for its rail cars, chosen by MARTA riders.

MARTA said the customer experience greatly influenced the new design of the 254 new rail cars that will start being added to MARTA’s fleet next year.

[PHOTOS: MARTA unveils news design for rail cars]

“Through a series of public outreach and engagement efforts centered around railcar design, customers chose comfort and technology for the interior and sleek minimalism for the exterior,” MARTA said in a news release Wednesday.

MARTA said the interior of the rail cars is more spacious, with several seating options along with luggage and bicycle areas.

On the exterior, the rail cars will have a minimalist design and will feature a “lighted ‘smile’ on the front of the train that denotes the color of the rail line: Red, Gold, Green or Blue.”


“The new trains are part of an exciting year ahead for MARTA as the Authority advances the region’s first bus rapid transit along Hank Aaron Dr., through Summerhill, high-capacity transit along the Campbellton Corridor and in Clayton County, and station rehabilitation projects at Airport, Indian Creek, and Bankhead rail stations,” MARTA said in its news release.

MARTA CEO Jeffrey Parker said he’s excited about what the next year has in store.

“I see transit as a combination of lines and dots, with the lines being our buses and trains and the dots being the communities we connect and serve,” Parker said. “This next year will be one of enhancing the dots and expanding the lines, reimagining what transit can and should be for the metro Atlanta region as it continues to grow.”