Local nonprofit helping to get you fresh, organic food amid COVID-19 pandemic

ATLANTA — The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we shop for food, and many of us are trying to eat healthier.

Local nonprofit Georgia Organics is making it easier to get fresh produce from the farm to your table.

And now, it’s getting a helping hand from a familiar brand.

When families began sheltering in place, many turned to delivery services to get their food, including boxes of farm fresh vegetables.

Georgia Organics jumped into action helping farmers get fruits and veggies to you.

“We saw just a flood of interest in those kinds of programs and we had to help our farmers scramble to get online,” said Georgia Organics President and CEO Alice Rolls.

In the fall, the nonprofit applied for and won a $175,000 grant from Google to help with its mission.


“Particularly looking at some crops that were very popular here like peanuts, cotton, soybeans or other modern-type crops—how can we push more organic?” Rolls said.

Channel 2 anchor Jovita Moore then got to share more good news with Rolls.

“So, Alice, I have to tell you that you guys are also getting another $125,000,” Moore told Rolls. “You’re the People’s Choice winner.”

“Oh my gosh. Wow, this is the big reveal, huh?” Rolls asked Moore.

“This is the big reveal,” Moore said.

Rolls said buying organic can be a win-win for Georgia farmers and for consumers, without breaking the bank.

“There are ways for people to budget and still (buy) organically; obviously the fresher you eat, the more bulk-type foods you can eat. It can be more affordable,” Rolls said. has awarded $1 million to Georgia nonprofits this year.