Kids as young as 11 years old accused of robbing woman on Atlanta Beltline

ATLANTA — A woman said three children with a gun robbed her on the Atlanta Beltline on Easter Sunday.

Police arrested the group and Channel 2 Action News learned all three children are in custody.

Police said that the boys are ages 11, 12 and 12.

Atlanta police said the victim was walking west on the Beltline in southwest Atlanta when three kids came up to her around 8 p.m. Sunday.

She told police they looked to be between 8 and 10 years old. The woman told police they asked to use her cellphone, and when she said no, one of the kids showed her the gun on his waistband and demanded her phone and earbuds.

Police said the kids took the woman's stuff and ran toward Lawton Street.

Police used surveillance cameras to find the suspects. They say they've had run-ins with the kids before.

"We were actually able to make an identification from their previous history," James White with the Atlanta Police Department said.


A day later, detectives said they took three children in custody. Now, they want to know where the 12-year-old got the gun.

Beltline visitors were rattled by the theft.

“That’s sad. It’s unfortunate, and as a nation we’ve got to do better when it comes to our kids,” said Beltline visitor Brittany Feelgood.

Feelgood said the news has her thinking more about safety.

“If I’m going to be out this late where it’s getting dark, I’m going to have somebody with me,” Feelgood said.

Channel 2 Action News briefly talked with the victim, who said she's doing OK, but she wasn't up for an interview.

Police said around 2 million people use the Beltline every year but they've only had two felony crimes in the area so far.