Judge says divorce proceedings for special prosecutor in Trump’s Georgia case can be made public

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will not have to testify in the divorce trial of her election interference case special prosecutor -- at least for now.

A judge also unsealed all of the court filings in that divorce Monday.

Andrea Dyer Hastings is the attorney for special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s estranged wife Joycelyn, who is claiming Wade has been having a romantic relationship with Willis.

After the hearing, Hastings made no bones about what she wants to find out.

“It wouldn’t matter who she is or what position she holds. If she’s having an affair with my client’s husband, spending my client’s money on that relationship, I’m going to find out about it,” Hastings told Channel 2′s Richard Elliot.

But a Cobb County judge ruled Monday that Hastings will have to wait to question Willis on the stand about her alleged romantic relationship with Wade -- at least for now.

He wants to wait to hear from Wade before making a decision to compel Willis to testify.

“In this case, your honor, there have been no allegations of harm that outweigh the public interest,” attorney Ashley Merchant said.

The judge also agreed to unseal all the court filings associated with the divorce, something both sides consented to keep secret.


Much of them deal with Hasting’s claims that Wade wasn’t forthcoming with how much money he made or information about investments and retirement accounts.

Hastings insists she didn’t work with the attorney for the election interference defendant who first brought this to national attention.

“It looks like we’re all seeking similar information, but for very different reasons. The reasons I’m looking for this information in this divorce are not the same, I don’t believe,” Hastings said.

Late Monday, state Senate Republicans announced they were planning to create legislation to create a committee to investigate Willis and allegations of misconduct.

There was no comment from Willis’ office for this story.


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