Judge denies bond for Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci

ATLANTA — A Fulton County superior court judge denied bond for Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci in a case involving a death and alleged gang association.

Lucci surrendered to police on May 10 on a gang-related RICO indictment, involving allegations of felony murder and more.

“My client is, your honor, an incredibly successful artist that is very well known nationally and even internationally,” Lucci’s attorney Drew Findling told Judge Thomas Cox during a bond hearing Tuesday.

“The defendant will remain in a no-bond status at this time. Additionally, this court revokes any bonds previously issued in this case,” Cox said.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne that her prosecutors are using a YouTube music video that Lucci appeared in, in the racketeering case against him and 11 others.

“We think it sends of very strong message to the public that no matter who you are, you have to follow the law and the rules, and you will be evaluated the same,” Willis said.


Willis said Lucci had been out on a $500,000 bond for felony murder and other charges before the racketeering indictment.

The same investigation has formed the backbone of the racketeering case against him in which Lucci, a gang associate, allegedly drove his new Maybach luxury SUV, along with two alleged gang members, who were passengers, when they opened fire in rival gang territory. One of those alleged gang members included James Adams.

“There are individuals outside gathered at the back of a car playing chess, holding a baby,” Fulton County Deputy District Attorney Cara Convery said.

Adams was killed in a gun battle that developed. Then a short distance from the scene, his body was dumped from the Maybach.

“Treated like trash, some would say,” Willis said.

Findling says YFN Lucci is innocent of all charges and not a gang associate.

“Based on what myself, Ms. Goldberg, Mr. Banks and Mr. Dixon saw, there’s no evidence that they were the first people shooting, rather the antithesis,” Findling said.

Willis said Lucci repeatedly violated the conditions of his bond for the felony murder against him and before he surrendered on the racketeering indictment.

Findling said Lucci’s legal team developed significant evidence showing that he did not violate the conditions of his bond.

“We’re working this case so hard because, as you know, I have taken a very strong stance against gangs. It’s causing a great deal of violence in our community,” Willis said.

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