How do schools plan to tackle AI in the upcoming school year?

ATLANTA — Chat GPT can write a five-page paper in minutes or solve a puzzling math problem.

The AI-based technology took schools by storm last year, with some students taking advantage of the technology to cheat.

“It definitely is a game changer,” says THe Lovett School Associate Head of School Chelle Wabrek.

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The answer depends on the school.

Over the Summer break technology companies have worked to develop technology to try and detect AI.

“You can use tech to help with tech-related problems, but is really like a game of wack a mole,” says Bark Chief Parent Officer Titania Jordan.

Bark is a company that focuses on kids’ online safety.

TRENDING STORIES:, a popular tool to catch plagiarism, has worked on technology to catch AI. However, teachers worry it does not always work.

“If you want to get in this arms race of ‘Chat GPT did this so, we need to do this’ we are always going to be behind,” Wabrek said.

Wabrek says some teachers are coming up with new assignments that cannot be answered by a computer prompt.

“In the face of AI, it’s an opportunity to be more human,” Wabrek said.

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“I don’t know what the jobs in 2032 are going to be, and I’m guessing there is going to be a whole range of things,” Wabrek said.

AI is not going anywhere. So to prepare students for the future, some teachers are working with AI to help students prepare for their future.

Wabrek said at least one teacher at the Lovett School started using AI in class last year to help students understand its limits.

“They were beginning to see the flaws in what they could do and couldn’t do,” Wabrek said.

AI is not the first technology to revolutionize education. Educators have had to adjust to the development of computers, the internet, and calculators.

“I can see when calculators first came out (that people went) ‘something is doing the math for you that’s cheating.’ Yes, but it is also incredibly helpful,” Jordan said.

“Our end goal is to not beat chat GPT. Our end goal is to provide the best education we can for kids and prepare them for their future, not our past,” Wabrek said.