Herschel Walker agrees to debate Raphael Warnock -- but with stipulations

ATLANTA — There is a debate over debates in Georgia’s U.S. Senate race between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

Warnock has committed to three debates. Walker said Friday he is ready to debate anytime, but he has yet to commit to any. Instead, he offered a different option.

Walker stood outside Alpharetta City Hall to accept the endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council.

Afterwards, he took questions, including whether he plans to accept Warnock’s challenge to debate.

His answer was a yes, but then he added several stipulations.

“Oh, I’m ready to debate anytime he wants, but it has to be fair and equitable debate,” Walker said. “And it’s got to be for the voters, not for the press or some particular party. It’s got to be before the voters so they can see the contrast.”

Warnock’s campaign said the senator has agreed to three debates this fall. Two of them already are scheduled for October, including one in Atlanta.

“I look forward to that conversation,” Warnock said.


Channel 2 Action News spoke with Warnock Wednesday about his bill to boost semi-conductor production in the U.S.

Friday, his campaign touted his own law enforcement endorsements, then issued a statement about debates. “Reverend Warnock believes debates are an opportunity for Georgians to see the clear choice they had in this election, and while Walker said over and over that he would participate in general election debates, the fact is, he refuses to do so.”

Meanwhile, back in Alpharetta, Walker suggested a different kind of debate, one modeled after the Lincoln-Douglas talks of 1858. He said the two candidates could talk about an unnamed bill supported by Warnock and President Joe Biden.

“He has to say why he feels that the new bill that they’re about to release is good for Georgia, and I get to defend why I think it’s not,” Walker said.

Warnock’s campaign said Walker’s proposal is not really a debate and it remains unclear which bill he would like to discuss.