Heads up: All vehicle registration, tag renewals will be down for 4 days

Mohamed Al Ali holds a registration sticker before he attaches it to his license plate in the parking lot of the Motor Vehicle Division of the DeKalb County Tax Commissioner North Office on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

ATLANTA — If you need to register your car or renew your tag, you shouldn’t wait until the end of the month to take care of it.

The entire statewide system will be down statewide as officials upgrade to the new Georgia Driver Record and Integrated Vehicle Enterprise System (DRIVES).

All vehicle registration and titling services will be unavailable statewide from Friday, May 24, to Monday, May 27.

“Procrastination is not a good thing this year, because it could cause you some problems in terms of delays,” DeKalb County Tax Commissioner Irvin J. Johnson said.


This will impact every county in the state, every tag office and every kiosk.

But there will be other disruptions to drivers.

Each county says they want to get any renewals in and processed before May 20, so there’s no backlog when the system goes down during the upgrade.

The online platform will also get an upgrade, making it more intuitive and easier to use.

“Most of the changes will be invisible to our taxpayers. That’s where the county employees are going to see the greatest benefit," State Revenue Commissioner Lynne Riley said.

The only change the public should see in-person is shorter lines.