Gov. Kemp fires back at President Trump, Rudy Giuliani’s criticism of signature audit

ATLANTA — Criticism of the Cobb County signature audit is now coming from President Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Hours after Trump called on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to resign, the governor stepped in front of a podium to respond and called it a distraction.

Kemp also had some strong language for Giuliani.

Kemp said his focus is not on any tweets from the president, but instead on the Covid crisis, the surge in the number of hospitalizations and distributing the vaccine.

He said everything else is a distraction.

“I got to stay focused on the issues of the day in Georgia, not what somebody’s tweeting or doing in some committee meeting in the Georgia state capitol,” Kemp said.


Kemp said the continued focus by Trump on a settled election in Georgia is distracting from the all-important upcoming Senate runoff.

But earlier Wednesday at the capitol, witnesses at a Senate judiciary hearing, including Giuliani continued to allege fraud in Georgia’s election for several hours.

“The recount in Cobb County is a joke, it’s an insult,” Giuliani said.

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The recount was overseen by agents of the GBI.

Kemp said Giuliani’s criticism of the GBI’s work is unfounded.

“What do you say about the president’s attorney calling the work of the GBI a joke? Well that’s a joke. He doesn’t know the work of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations very well,” Kemp said.

Trump is coming to Georgia once again to hold a runoff rally. Kemp said he has not been invited but will go campaign wherever David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler said they need him.