Georgians still looking to travel to see total solar eclipse are going to have to pay

ATLANTA — With just over a week until the total solar eclipse passes over parts of the U.S., you may end up paying a good chunk of change if you are planning to travel to see it.

Georgia will only see a partial eclipse on Apr. 8.

“You’re going to see an eclipse that will max out around 85% of the sun being covered up. So, you’ll notice it’s a little bit darker, but not a whole lot of difference if you’re not looking for it at the time,” said Mark Lancaster with the Fernbank Museum.

This year’s eclipse moves from Texas to the Northeast. The path is also twice as wide as the one that covered parts of Georgia in 2017.

If you want to see the eclipse along the path of totality, you’re going to have to travel – and pay.


According to ABC News, the average roundtrip ticket to Louisville is running about $1,200.

A ticket to Buffalo is about $1,000. Slightly cheaper is San Antonio, which is just under $900.

Hotel and Airbnb prices in communities along the eclipse path are also astronomical.

In Killeen, Texas, a room will run you more than $860 a night.

In Burlington, Vermont, it will cost nearly $1,400.

“Believe it or not, people have been booking hotels for 11 months now,” said Clint Henderson, managing editor of the Points Guy. “Airlines have added special flights for the coverage.”

This will be the last, total eclipse in the U.S. for more than 20 years.