Georgia prepares for Election Day

ATLANTA — Secretary of State Brian Kemp took a tour around the state checking on election preparations a day before Georgia head to the polls. Channel 2's Aaron Diamant joined him Monday.

He traveled to Augusta, Savannah and Albany to reassure voters in all corners of Georgia of his office's readiness for Election Day.

Georgia set a record for early and absentee voting with 2.37 million voters.

Kemp said officials have seen no widespread problems so far and have recieved only about two dozen complaints, including reports from a county near Savannah of vote “flipping” in the presidential race.

But he said they've been able to correct any problems.

"We haven't seen that corroborated at the local level, other than the one issue in Bryan County and I think we determined that was a calibration issue with that one piece of voting equipment that was not tested correctly by the county,” Kemp said.