Former President Donald Trump visits Chick-fil-A during fundraising stop in Atlanta

ATLANTA — Former President Donald Trump visited metro Atlanta on Wednesday, including a surprise visit to a Chick-fil-A in Northwest Atlanta.

Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes was embedded with his motorcade and got a chance to speak to him one-on-one.

Trump supporters cheered Wednesday morning as the former president landed at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

He shook hands, signed hats and then took some questions from the media.

When he got close enough to Fernandes, she asked him about his election interference case in Fulton County.

“How do you feel about Fani Willis staying on your case?” Fernandes asked Trump.

“Well, she shouldn’t be on our case. She’s been totally discredited. Shocked that she’s on our case. Her lover was thrown off the case, she should be thrown off with him,” Trump said.

Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade resigned following a ruling from the judge on the case.

Fernandes also asked Trump about abortion. He said the federal government should stay out of it and leave it up to the states.

“Everything we’re doing now is states, it’s states’ rights and what we wanted to do is get it back to the states,” Trump said. “For 53 years, it’s been a fight, and now the states are handling it.”


The Democratic Party of Georgia sent Channel 2 Action News a statement on Trump’s visit, saying in part, “President Biden, Senator Ossoff and Senator Warnock are fighting for reproductive freedom - and investing billions in our state to create thousands of new jobs.”

Trump then made a surprise visit to a Chick-fil-A in Vine City. Trump told supporters there he’s done more for the Black community than any other president – like when he added more funding to Black colleges and universities.

“We are appreciative to the funding being increased but there’s so much more that goes into raising the consciousness and condition that African Americans in this state and other states are facing,” NAACP of Georgia President Gerald Griggs said. “The political rhetoric needs to be tamed down a little, but we need to actually talk about the accomplishments.”

Kennesaw State University political professor Kerwin Swint said Georgia will be a key player again in November.

“Georgia is just that important. It’s a must-win state, I think, for both Trump and Biden. I can’t imagine winning the presidency this year without carrying Georgia, it’s that important,” Swint said.

For that reason, Swint believes Wednesday’s visit won’t be Trump’s last to the state before the election. He also believes President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will also be here again.

Swint said independent voters will likely decide this race.


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