Former DOJ attorney says Trump could face many years in prison if convicted in document case

ATLANTA — With former President Donald Trump facing a new federal indictment, we sat down with a former trial attorney with the Department of Justice to explain the seriousness of the charges.

Eric Segall is currently a constitutional law professor but worked at the DOJ under former President George H. Bush.

He told Channel 2′s Audrey Washington that what Trump is accused of, if convicted, could land the former president in prison for many years.

“I can assure you this Department of Justice was not going to indict a former president without taking it very seriously, very carefully and only if the stakes were high,” Segall said.

The indictment against Trump was unsealed Friday afternoon and we learned the former president now faces 37 counts surrounding his handling of classified documents.

“He transported a bunch of very secret, sensitive documents in a manner that was not according to the rules and regulations to Florida,” Segall said.


Trump has denied the allegations, still, the indictment is unprecedented for a former president.

“I would not recommend indicting a former president for anything but a serious crime,” Segall said.

During his time as a trial lawyer for the DOJ, Segall said he handled classified documents.

“We at the Department of Justice, back in 1990, took the secrecy around these documents very seriously, incredibly serious, at the highest level because American lives could potentially be at stake,” Segall said.

Washington asked Segall about the election interference case Trump also faces in Georgia.

“What impact, if any will, this have on the case here in Georgia?” Washington asked Segall.

“Great question. Legally it should have no impact, they’re totally separate events,” Segall said.

The Fulton County District Attorney is expected to make a decision on the Georgia case in the coming months.


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