EXCLUSIVE: Herschel Walker speaks 1-on-1 with Channel 2 about Senate run

ATLANTA — U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker is opening up about his run. The Republican sat down for an exclusive interview with Channel 2′s Justin Farmer.

“This is the farthest thing I ever thought I would ever do,” Walker said.

He spoke about facing racism while growing up in Wrightsville, Georgia, saying he faced some “very ugly things.”

“That’s why I said, ‘Guys, you think I don’t know racism? I grew up around it,’” Walker said. “I grew up with all that stuff. But I do know people too.”

Farmer asked Walker about his relationship with former President Donald Trump. He said his relationship with Trump started when Walker played for Trump’s New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League.

“His two older kids, Ivanka and little Donald, traveled with my family during the summer for years,” Walker said. “When they travel with my family, they stayed overnight at my home. I know Donald. But in at the same time, I tell people this, Donald endorsed me. But Herschel Walker’s running this campaign. I don’t do what people tell me to do. I do what I think is right.”

Walker told Farmer that he’s running because he has great affection for this country and the American dream. He said he’s a product of that. He also said the crime wave and inflation are troubling.


“You look at the crime in Atlanta, you know, I don’t have to mention the crime. People don’t want to talk about that. The crime has skyrocketed. Now people can’t even walk out of their home now. And then, you know, you look at the economy. You can’t even afford to go to the store,” Walker said. “I got to address it, bring people together.”

Walker told Farmer that he is most proud of his work around mental health. He said his issues 20 years ago led to his for verbal abuse toward his first wife. Walker now works with members of the U.S. military on mental health awareness.

Before Walker can take on incumbent U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock, he’ll have to beat out a host of other GOP contenders in the primary.

Former Navy SEAL and Trump White House Intelligence Director Latham Saddler said he’s ready for a spirited debate with Walker.

“There’s no doubt Herschel is the best-known candidate in this race, but I’m the best prepared candidate in this race,” Latham said.

Walker will also have to contend with Gary Black, the State Agriculture Commissioner who’s popular in rural Georgia and well-liked in GOP circles.

“I think our country and our state are screaming for leadership,” Black has said. “What is the record of public service? What’s your voting record? Where have you been? What have you done? And so, I welcome my classmate back, back from Texas. He’s been away a while. Georgia has changed.”

Georgia Democrats have called Walker’s campaign a “nightmare scenario” for the Georgia Republican Party.