A man trying to stop a dog from attacking him ended up being shot

Dog owner arrested for shooting his neighbor who was trying to stop dog attack

ATLANTA — Police arrested a dog owner for shooting his neighbor who was trying to stop that dog from biting him.

The dog owner is now facing several charges, including aggravated assault.

Chambers Whaley said his brother is recovering after he said their neighbor on Nelms Drive in southwest Atlanta shot him.

“When you have a dog, it doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, it needs to be under control,” Whaley said.

According to police, Whaley’s brother and a friend were walking past their neighbor’s home Monday when the neighbor’s dog attacked the friend.


“One of his friends lagged behind and was bit by the dog,” Whaley said. “It really didn’t bite him good, but it snipped him.”

It wasn’t that big of a deal to them at the time so they kept walking.

But later that night, when the brother got off work, he saw the neighbor’s wife outside.

“He said, ‘Ma’am, uh, your dog bit someone today, it’s always running loose and chasing people,’ and then simultaneously as he was saying that, the pit, the dog comes running, charging and my brother was like, ‘Hey! Get your dog, get your dog! Stop! Please, get your dog, ma’am,’ and right before the dog got ready to bite him, he shot in the air and the dog dispersed,” Whaley said.

Moments later, police said the neighbor, Roderick Stewart came out of the house.

"As soon as he shot in the air, the guy shot from this porch, my brother, he was in the street, just shot him,” Whaley said. “He came running to me, (saying) ‘Call 911, call 911. I’ve been shot.’”

Whaley said his brother has screws and a rod in his arm. He also said he is suffering from nerve damage.

The victim has not been able to work because he can't use his arm at all right now. His brother said the family is hoping for a full recovery soon.