Democrats say proposed bill aimed at banning critical race theory from schools is too broad

ATLANTA — Georgia Democrats are opposing a bill that would ban local school districts and all of Georgia’s colleges and universities from teaching critical race theory.

They say a new Republican-backed bill is trying to define too broadly what that is, and it’s that definition that has Democrats so worried.

They say it’s so broad it could cover almost anything, including speeches supporting the bill that abolished Georgia’s controversial citizens’ arrest law.

Corneilia Republican state Sen. Bo Hatchett introduced the bill despite no school district in Georgia teaching it at all.

“Critical race theory is a subject that has stoked an intense debate and controversy,” Hatchett said.

He also wants to ban it from all Georgia colleges and universities, too.


“We believe there are concepts that are being taught in Georgia colleges and universities and seeping down into our K-12 schools, concepts that an overwhelming majority of Georgians outright reject,” Hatchett said.

While no one is clear on what exactly CRT is, Hatchett’s bill attempts to define it in addition to prohibiting it.

“Scapegoating and stereotyping are not acceptable teaching methods, period,” Hatchett said.

That’s just one of the reasons Democrats like Stone Mountain’s Billy Mitchell doesn’t like. He thinks education should be left up to educators and local school districts.

“You know, I think this is an awful intrusion into what should be left up to the professionals,” Mitchell said.

Atlanta Democrat Stacey Evans said under the bill’s broad definition of CRT, speeches made by lawmakers in support of repealing the state’s controversial citizens’ arrest law could be banned.

“I’ve taken a look at the legislation and it’s too broad,” Evans said. “I submit that the statements that they made about why it was important to repeal that law would not be allowed to be uttered in our classrooms if that legislation was passed.”

Critical race theory is a major talking point for GOP candidates and, as Democrats point out, we are deep into campaign season.


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