Crews remove final items inside Georgia Dome

ATLANTA — The artificial grass football field on the floor of the Georgia Dome has been rolled up and hauled away.

A concrete floor is all that’s left as crews now work to strip the inside of the building.

"When the Georgia Dome was built, part of the floor was used as an extension of the World Congress Center to help out with our convention and trade shows. So, we had a concrete floor,” Chief Operating Officer Kevin Duvall said.

Duvall is supervising the work to vacate the place that over the last quarter century hosted more than 1,400 events attended by nearly 38 million fans.


"Yeah. It's a little bittersweet. The new stadium is going to be beautiful, but this one has a lot of memories,” Georgia Dome Chef Joe Peace said.

The building will be imploded this summer.  Anything that can be salvaged is now being removed.  The seats are being power-washed and will be offered for sale to the public.

Hundreds of thousands of items could end up in the World Congress Center.  It could be almost anything, including huge bins full of mops, buckets, and brooms.

"A number for you may be… we removed 10,000 portable chairs we used in the Dome.  We'll take those to the World Congress Center and add to our portfolio of portable chairs,” Duvall said.