Audit finds Fulton County elections mismanaged money during 2020 races

ATLANTA — An internal audit shows Fulton County’s elections mismanaged money.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Sophia Choi got her hands on the audit. The county chairman believes it will be a key piece of evidence in the state investigation into Fulton’s 2020 elections.

The nine-page review of Fulton County’s recent elections by the county auditor includes a review of the much-contested 2020 presidential and Senate races.

It lists nine findings and one concern of misclassification of expenditures.

All of it deals with mismanaging finances and assets during the elections.

“Mismanagement. That’s a lot different than malfeasance and wrongdoing on the part of Fulton County elections,’ Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts said.

A county commissioner requested the audit as a three-panel, state-appointed board looks into problems from Fulton’s elections.


Those problems included long lines at the polls and problems with voting machines. The performance review could lead to a state takeover.

Fulton is the first county under review using Georgia’s new voting law.

Pitts told Choi that he believes the audit will be a key piece of evidence in that state investigation.

“There was nothing major or major significance in there,” Pitts said. “That Senate Bill 202 does not require that you find anything monumental or of major significance. It can be anything. It can be nit-picky.”

Fulton already underwent three recounts for the 2020 election.

The audit recommends the county set strong standard operating procedures and stick to them.

Pitts said they’re already working on fixes.

“There was nothing of a criminal nature. Nothing of an ill-intent. No malfeasance. And the things that are pointed out, we are already working to correct,” Pitts said.

If you want to read the audit, including the specific findings, look at the document below: