Atlanta woman celebrates turning 100 with drive-by parade with family, friends

ATLANTA — An Atlanta woman who has had incredible achievements in her lifetime celebrated a special milestone birthday this week.

Lucile Anderson celebrated her 100th birthday as family and friends threw a drive-by celebration in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon.

“Turning 100 is an amazing birthday, and we celebrate her life in recognition of the brightness that she has brought to the lives of others,” family member Patricia Campbell said. “Her life has inspired so many, and her inner strength and faith resonate in everything that she does.”

Anderson became one of the first Black women to register to vote in Atlanta in the 1960s.

According to Campbell, Anderson stood in line in 1964 to register to vote. She had to go down to the Fulton County courthouse off Pryor Street but she had to enter through the back.

“She often talks about the sacrifices that were made for voter rights to be adopted into law. Having lived 10 decades, she wants to let others know how important voting is to achieve the justice we seek in our communities,” Campbell said.

Anderson is a pillar in her church community at Maranatha SDA Church and the 100-year-old is affectionately known by her loved ones as “Big Mama.”

Everyone at Channel 2 hopes that Anderson enjoyed her special day and cherished the moments with her family and friends.