Area organization seeks to change negative narrative of Black fathers

ATLANTA — This Father’s Day, the local organization ‘Forever Fathers’, is making sure Black fathers are seen in a positive light.

Channel 2 is getting real about the negative stereotypes, that are passed down regarding Black men as fathers.

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“We’re all not deadbeats; we’re stepping up to the plate. We’re actively involved in our children(’s) lives,” said Ty Goudy with Forever Fathers.

It’s a statement, contrary to popular belief, that Goudy said he wants everyone to hear.

That’s why he started the organization Forever Fathers. It’s a group of Black fathers, changing the negative stereotypes of Black men as fathers.

“I want to portray as many images out there as possible to make sure, it is in a positive light. Forever Fathers is taking that stance. It’s a movement,” said Goudy.

A movement that aims to erase the old thought process and write a new narrative.


“I don’t know if you know the term ‘baby daddy.’ That irks my soul because it’s such a negative connotation that it has placed on men of color as fathers. So our tagline is ‘I’m nobody baby daddy, I’m a father to my legacy,’” said Goudy.

Goudy said he takes that motto to heart and this organization is personal for him.

“I was going through a mighty custody battle and divorce with my ex-wife, and I was back and forth from Warner Robins to Atlanta going to court, and I have this vision that no matter what, whether you’re gay, bi, straight, on the streets, alcoholic or whatever, you will forever be those children(’s) father.”

Goudy said the organization is gaining support on social media, but it’s way bigger than that. The key picture is Black fathers , helping other Black fathers.

“Eventually, it’s going to translate into helping fathers with court cases, helping you if you need to get a suit or legal advice or even go into the legal structure.

“This is an initiative that is starting, but for Thanksgiving, Christmas, if fathers don’t have gifts to give to their kids or they’re struggling paying court cases or child support, we want to help them fund that, to make sure that they get to the other side of success,” Goudy said.

One thing he wants fathers to know and understand is despite their shortcomings, they deserve to be celebrated.

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“To all of the fathers , that are out there I want to salute them. I want to encourage them, not to say that we always get it right, or have gotten it right, but through trial and error, we ask that you keep going and that you remain present in your child’s life.”

If you want to learn more about ‘Forever Fathers’, Goudy’s social media or any endeavors he is undertaking, click here.