Airbnb host evicted after renter possibly connected to murder

ATLANTA — Atlanta police want to talk with an Airbnb renter, who allegedly trashed an apartment, about a murder.

Wesley Nicholas has been using the online service Airbnb to rent out his apartment at the 251 North complex in northeast Atlanta.

He says he hasn't had any issues until recently.

Nicholas rented his apartment to a man named "Eric Johnson" for one week. He said he got Johnson's Airbnb profile from the company.

When the week was over, Nicholas found his place in ruin.%



"They ripped apart my bed, they've taken the ladder, gone up here to look for things in storage and just ripped all my storage bins apart," Nicholas said.

Airbnb sent the following statement:

"We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and have removed Mr. Johnson from our platform.  We are working with the police on this matter and are supporting Mr. Nicholas under our $1 million host guarantee."

The same day Nicholas found his apartment ransacked, Atlanta police found a man shot in the back of the head, directly across from that apartment.

Police say they're looking to speak with Johnson about the murder.

Nicholas said he gave the lead detective all the information he has on Johnson.

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