20-year-old GSU student robbed, pistol-whipped in campus parking lot, police say

ATLANTA — Police said a 20-year-old Georgia State student was robbed at gunpoint in her car in a campus parking lot and the robbers pistol-whipped her.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes spoke to police, who said the attack happened Sept. 27 in the blue lot around 6 p.m. The student took the shuttle to the parking lot and started walking to her car.

Police said that the moment the student unlocked the doors and got into her car, one man jumped in the passenger seat and one in the back seat and told her to hand over her stuff. She fought back and they fired a shot in the car, hit her with the gun and ran, police said.

The robbers got away with her computer and wallet.

Police have not caught the robbers yet.


Fernandes talked to students, who were upset that they hadn't heard about the attack.

When something like this happens, the university is supposed to send out some sort of alert to students. Officials said they did in this case, but students said they didn't get it.

Ben Dell is a senior at GSU and parks his car in the blue lot almost every day.

"I'm a little concerned that it has been 10 days since the event and we haven't heard about it. I expected to be protected," Dell said. "I pay fees."

Dell said news of the attack explains why campus police are patrolling all day now.

"I see this cop car driving around over here," Dell said. "I'd be curious to see how long they're actually going to be driving around patrolling."

Sophomore Pooja Patel hopes police stick around because she walks to and from the blue lot daily. She said she found out about the attack from a friend.

"It felt a little bit safer, but it still makes me a little bit nervous," Patel said. "I really do think they could do a better job by upping their security."

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