Atlanta police officer prays over child in touching video

ATLANTA — One Atlanta police officer just took community policing to a higher level.

This is video of officer Danielle Ognelodh praying over a child outside of Zone 1 in Bankhead.

Ognelodh said she was on duty when the boy came up to her and asked for prayer.

Someone then took out a cellphone and started recording.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington spoke with Ognelodh about the moment the young boy approached her.


“We went outside and one of the kids asked for prayer. I sat there with the kids and we all prayed. They told me some things in their life that they were going through and that’s how the video happened,” Ognelodh said.

Ognelodh said she hoped her presence builds a stronger bond with the children and others in the community.