Atlanta police are looking for ATV drivers who flooded the city streets over the weekend

ATLANTA — Atlanta police said illegal all-terrain vehicles and dirt bike riders are causing all kinds of havoc on Atlanta streets. Channel 2′s Tom Jones was able to get a video of a dirt bike rider crashing into a police car. The driver slammed into the patrol car and fled the scene just after.

“You know they like to stunt. Some of them might be doing wheelies. Riding wheelies straight up, ya know,” Carl Boals, a witness said.

These drivers have been seen driving illegally on sidewalks and in the streets. The drivers often pay little attention to traffic signals.


“These individuals are reckless, and they have disregard to the traffic laws,” Atlanta police Capt. Antonio Clay said.

Officers said a band of more than 100 riders was causing mayhem in downtown Atlanta on Saturday. The riders even surrounded a police car at one point during the night.

Police gave Jones pictures of some of the drivers they are looking for. The city’s new ordinance now allows for police to arrest these drivers. In the past, drivers could only be cited for breaking the traffic laws in Atlanta.

“People break the law. They got to suffer the consequences of their actions,” Boals said.