Armed customers stop husband, wife trying to rob North Georgia gas station at gunpoint, police say

GILMER COUNTY, Ga. — Police arrested a north Georgia couple they say tried to rob a gas station clerk before other customers intervened.

Ellijay police and Gilmer County deputies received a call Monday night about an attempted robbery at the Ideal Mart off Old Northcutt Road.

Police said Shawn Sutton, 39, pretended to be a customer, while his wife Melody Sutton, 39, waited outside in the car. Police said Shawn Sutton wrapped a pair of women’s underwear around his neck and face and pulled a gun on the store clerk demanding money.

This caught the attention of two customers who were inside the food mart. The first customer pulled his gun out to stop the robbery attempt while the second customer ran to his car to get his gun, according to police.


As Sutton tried to escape, police said a third customer who was armed came to help. The first customer noticed that Sutton was disarmed and told the other two customers not to shoot him. Police said all the customers had legal permits for their guns.

Police then arrived on the scene and tried to take Sutton into custody. However, officers said he became unruly and ignored their commands to stop. That is when one of the officers used their stun gun.

Sutton faces charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Officers found Melody Sutton inside the car on the side of the store. She faces charges of armed robbery, intimidation and taking control of a substance.


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