75 Ga. Tech students suddenly complaining of similar sickness

ATLANTA — Fulton County health officials are trying to figure out what’s made dozens of Georgia Tech students sick over the past several days.

A Georgia Tech spokeswoman told Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Nicole Carr that they’re aware of 75 students who have complained about being sick.

Carr reports the complaints have increased by the day.

In a health advisory emailed to students Monday, school officials said they’re, “investigating any potential food or food preparation sources” and enhancing cleaning in housing “areas where germs are most likely to spread.”


A university spokesperson confirmed the Health Department was back on campus Wednesday, but no cause for the illnesses have been identified.

“Not me personally, but I’ve heard of people who did get sick,” Lauren White said.

Students Carr talked to said they know of sick classmates who have recently ordered out of two separate dining halls.

“We were working on CS homework together, and he just went home. He said his stomach wasn’t feeling well,” John Ryu said.