Consumer Union demands more help for millions affected in Equifax data breach

ATLANTA — Consumers Union gathered outside the corporate headquarters of Equifax to deliver 180,000 petition signatures, calling on the company to step up its efforts to help people impacted by its massive data breach.

Eight weeks after Equifax officials announced that hackers had gained access to the personal information of more than 140 million U.S. consumers, Consumers Union said the company is not doing nearly enough to help consumers protect their data.

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In its petition to Equifax, Consumers Union is requesting the company take seven specific steps:

  • Pay for credit freezes beyond 30 days
  • Extend credit monitoring for affected consumers
  • Provide more detailed information about what happened
  • Remove all mandatory arbitration clauses
  • Hire and train staff who can review and process customer disputes promptly
  • Set aside a fund to compensate consumers whose data was exposed
  • Investigate allegations of insider trading

A spokesperson for Equifax said they met with the organization’s leader, was productive, listened to their concerns, shared what remedies they’re taking and promised to keep an open dialogue in the future.