Good Samaritan Credited For Talking Down Accused Killer

ATHENS, Ga. — After hours of negotiating, police now have the man in custody accused of shooting and killing a police officer.

Jamie Hood, 33, surrendered to police late Friday night on live television.

Police credit a Good Samaritan for keeping the accused killer calm.

As dozens of police surrounded a Clarke County apartment complex Friday, Bryant Gantt was in the center of it all.

"He was in fear. If something happened, that if he turned himself in without help, something might happen to him," said Gantt.

Gantt, a former University of Georgia football player, said he knew Hood in passing.

Gantt posted a message on Hood's Facebook page saying he would help.

Through friends, Hood called as police closed in.

"We talked for close to four and five hours while he was trying to negotiate him coming out," said Gantt.

Gantt went to FBI negotiators and sat with them as he kept Hood talking.

Gantt wouldn't say exactly what was said, but describes Hood's demeanor as, "It was up and down. He was scared. You finally could tell that he was scared of the whole situation. He was ready to get it over with. He was tired. He was worn out."

Gantt doesn't feel like he deserves the credit for talking the accused killer down.

"It really wasn't me, I guess. He was just ready to do what was right," Gantt said.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vernon Keenan told Channel 2's Tony Thomas Gantt was critical to the resolution.

Keenan said Hood would go on rants threatening to shoot hostages and it was the civilian Gantt who would calm him down.