Parents say they are getting new evidence to prove Kendrick Johnson was killed, claim cover-up

VALDOSTA, Ga. — The parents of a South Georgia teen found dead inside a high school gym say they are finding new evidence in the case.

A sheriff’s investigation determined there was no foul play in Kendrick Johnson’s death in 2013, but his parents believe there’s a cover-up.

Channel 2′s Tony Thomas was in Valdosta Thursday as Johnson’s parents called the sheriff a liar and part of a much bigger cover-up.

“As you look down the road here, do you guys have other options? We got many options. There will be something in the near future that will rock this town,” father Kenneth Johnson said.

The father was short on specifics but very vocal about continuing to push for answers in his son’s death.

Kendrick Johnson’s death has been the continued focus of headlines and theories nationwide.

On Wednesday, Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk released his findings in a months-long second look into a previous FBI investigation.

“You do not believe there was anything criminal?” Thomas asked Paulk.

“I do not,” Paulk said.

The sheriff said evidence shows Johnson climbed into one of these rolled-up wrestling mats to retrieve some shoes, got stuck and died.

Johnson’s parents’ thoughts were written on their shirts they were wearing Thursday: Kendrick Johnson didn’t roll himself up into no mat.


“It goes to show you the coverup is going on in this town,” Kenneth Johnson said.

The Johnsons point out several things they disagree with in the sheriff’s 16-page summary, including results from a third autopsy report and the report’s conclusion that the students the family suspects were involved in Kendrick’s death never had contact with their son the day he died.

“They never crossed paths,” Paulk said.

“It’s going to come out, no matter how many layers they put on Kendrick, it’s going to come out,” mother Jaqueline Johnson said.

“I will fight as long as I have to uncover what exactly happened to Kendrick Johnson,” Kenneth Johnson said.

Johnson’s parents say students at the time of Kendrick’s death have started coming forward, providing new information they hope to use to reignite yet another official investigation.