Here’s how GA’s representatives voted on resolution to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees

ATLANTA — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was kicked off both of her committees Thursday after a vote of the total House of Representative.

Greene, a freshman member from Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, has a long record of making incendiary remarks ranging from allegedly supporting violence against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats, to spreading baseless claims that mass school shootings were staged.

Eleven Republicans joined 219 Democrats in backing Greene’s ejection from her committees, while 199 GOP lawmakers voted “no.”


Greene sat on the House Education and Labor, and Budget Committees.

Committee assignments are crucial for lawmakers for shaping legislation affecting their districts, creating a national reputation and raising campaign contributions. Even social media stars like Greene could find it harder to define themselves without the spotlights that committees provide.

Here is a look at how each of Georgia’s representatives voted on the measure:

District 1 - Buddy Carter (R) - Nay

District 2 - Sanford Bishop (D) - Yay

District 3 - Drew Ferguson (R) - Nay

District 4 - Hank Johnson (D) - Yay

District 5 - Nikema Williams (D) - Yay

District 6 - Lucy McBath (D) - Yay

District 7 - Carolyn Bourdeaux (D) - Yay

District 8 - Austin Scott (R) - Nay

District 9 - Andrew Clyde (R) - Nay

District 10 - Jody Hice (R) - Nay

District 11 - Barry Loudermilk (R) - Nay

District 12 - Rick Allen (R) - Nay

District 13 - David Scott (D) - Yay

District 14 - Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) - Nay

The Associated Press contributed to this article.