Clark Howard's top 5 retailers to watch in 2018

Major retailers are closing more than 1,000 stores so far in 2018, but it's not all doom and gloom for the industry.

This week, money expert Clark Howard is counting down the top five retailers he’s keeping an eye on in the year ahead — and why you should be paying attention to them, too!

Check in every day at 10 a.m. ET as we reveal another retailer on his list. Let’s get to the countdown…

  • #5: Five Below
  • #4: ??????
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Clark’s Top 5: The retailers you need to know about in 2018

#5: Five Below

Number five on Clark's list is Five Below, one of the fastest growing retailers in the country, with more than 600 stores in 32 states.

“Five Below is really a brilliant operation and they’re expanding quite rapidly because they’ve found an endless market at $1 to $5 for merchandise. It gives them a much wider variety of price points that they can sell at versus Dollar Tree.”

What exactly can you find at Five Below? Cell phone accessories, remote control cars, graphic tees, nail polish, sporting goods, candy and seasonal items — just to name a few things.

The retailer caters to tweens and teens, so it poses a real threat to many mall-based stores.

Clark has purchased plenty of stuff at Five Below for his 12-year-old son Grant, but he still manages to find deals for himself like the $5 phone case he once bought.

“They call it Five Below, but really most everything seems to be five dollars,” Clark joked.

Five Below’s pricing isn’t the only thing that separates it from Dollar Tree. Five Below is more about “fun stuff” — not everyday items like cleaning and kitchen supplies.

Although it has a website, the retailer’s focus on expanding its physical stores makes it one to watch this year!

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Clark’s countdown continues Tuesday morning! Number four on Clark’s list is a retail giant with a six-letter name — and it’s not Costco.

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