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New virtual reality gaming experience arrives in Midtown

Take your gaming to a whole new level at Sandbox VR. The company, which recently opened a facility at the Interlock in West Midtown, offers an immersive gaming experience that combines full-body motion capture, unprecedented realism and a social experience that drops you and your friends, co-workers or family smack down in the middle of complete mayhem.

“Our team set out to build experiences where you and your friend can be in the same space and touch shoulders, high five or shake hands,” Sandbox VR Founder and CEO Steven Zhao said. “We felt like that was the magic moment because when someone is in virtual reality and they can do everything humanly and naturally, that’s when they forget they are inside a simulation.”

Once guests sign in, team members offer instructions on how it all works. From there, strap on your sensors, slide into the headset, select your weapon and let the games begin.

Those taking part in the experience can choose from six different adventures. There’s Deadwood Valley where guests will engage in an adrenaline-pumping thrill-ride through a town overrun by zombies.

There is Deadwood Mansion, where team members will try to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Curse of Davy Jones is targeted at groups with younger participants. Players battle on the high seas against a variety of supernatural creatures and hunt for the long-lost treasure of Davy Jones.

In Amber Sky 2088, participants become heroic androids equipped with futuristic weapons and soar through the clouds on a space elevator while defending Earth from an alien invasion.

In Star Trek: Discovery, team members become a Starfleet Officer and beam down to explore alien worlds.

In Unbound Fighting League, guests transform into a futuristic gladiator and compete against friends in thrilling duels in a breathtaking arena beyond the limits of reality.

Up to six players can join in an adventure at Sandbox VR.

“They get transported into this magical world where they can play together with their friends or their co-workers or their family and when they come out of it, they have this memory they can share together. That is something meaningful and unique for them,” Zhao added.

Experiences start at $50, but Sandbox VR does run special discounts from time to time.


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