Host Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk game night while staying at home

Host Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk game night while staying at home

A detail of the new updated Monopoly board game is seen at the London Toy Fair on January 25, 2006 in London.

With each passing day, government officials offer more tips to limit the spread of the coronavirus. From social distancing to the closure of restaurants and bars to stay at home orders, those recommendations attempt to keep us all safe, but in the process, limit our time spent with friends and family.

It can get a little boring.

So why not bring back game night? With all the apps, online games, smartphones and computers, it’s easier now more than ever to enjoy game night while social distancing.

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Sure, there’s Words With Friends, but if you want to play the original word game, check out Scrabble Go. The game includes the official Scrabble board, tiles and a dictionary to catch your friends’ made-up words.


Battle friends and family for world domination with this classic board game. It might help the kids learn where different countries are, too. The classic version is free.


Get ready to yell Uno into your phone! It’s the card game you grew up on, but on steroids. The online version includes new rules, tournaments, adventures and more.

Fairway Solitaire

Raise your hand if you still play solitaire on your phone or computer. It might be the original time-wasting game loaded to old smartphones and tablets. To add a little fun to the card game, try Fairway Solitaire. “Solitaire just got a little less solitary!” the website notes. The game throws a little golf, beautiful scenery and gopher high jinks into the traditional game. Hook up with old friends or make new ones online to unlock rewards and reach new goals.

Mario Kart

Your kids will think it’s old school, but there’s no denying the fun you’ll have racing the kids, friends and family in this multiplayer game. Race up to seven other racers at once.


Yes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Sure, you’d rather be playing UNO against your old high school friends, but with all the downtime, enjoy a game your kids love while playing with your kids. You’ll probably end up hiding in a bush or the corner of a house, but at least you’ll get to enjoy some fun time together.

These cost a few bucks

No one likes to spend money on apps, but consider the board game versions of these cost $20 or more. Throw in we all might be under stay at home orders for several weeks and what’s a few bucks?


The classic board game comes to life with an animated 3D city, play a board featuring local properties and enjoy Monopoly all over again. There’s even a quick mode for faster games, but with no end in immediate sight, what’s the rush? Create a private multiplayer game to battle friends and family.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Board Game

Was it Professor Peacock with the candlestick in the library? Battle your friends with the classic game.

You Don’t Know Jack

Are you a trivia buff? Do you love pop culture? Give this Jackbox Games offering a go. See which of your friends has the most useless knowledge stored in their brain. For more fun, have everyone join Google Hangouts or Zoom while playing. With it, not only can everyone battle for trivia supremacy, but everyone can chat in between questions and see one another while playing.